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Something's Not Quite Right - David R. Godine, Publisher

Hardcover, 32 pages
ISBN 1-56792-230-9
2002, $20.95

This title is out of print.

Softcover, 32 pages
ISBN 1-56792-266-x
2004, $14.95

This title is out of stock.

Something's Not Quite Right
by Guy Billout

In this slightly offbeat, deliberately challenging, and strikingly oversized book, one of our favorite artists (who we would argue possesses talent bordering on genius) offers up 33 full-size paintings that portray scenes where things are, well, not quite right. Not obviously not quite right, but just enough so most children, with a little help from their parents, will be able to spot the clever anomalies and dichotomies: the gaping gaps in the suspension bridge, the pigeon with landing gear for feet, the Boeing 747 about to land with no wheels, the golf ball lodged in the ostrich's gullet. But, to be really honest, we're publishing the book because Billout has always seemed to us a genuine original, among the most talented, inventive and ingenious artists (not illustrators) working today.

This is his eighth book in a career that has spanned thirty-three years and includes four "Ten Best Books of the Year" honors from the New York Times. He may live in New York but his style, vision, and technique remain decidedly European while his depictions of images, scenes, and activities are sophisticated without being coy or cute.