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New England tales for children and adults.

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The Buildings That Got in the Way
by Andrew Alpern & Seymour Durst
ISBN 9781567924435
Hardcover, $40
Herbs and the Earth
by Henry Beston
ISBN 1-56792-188-4
Softcover, $16.95
The Best of Beston
The Natural World of Henry Beston from Cape Cod to the St. Lawrence
by Henry Beston
ISBN 1-56792-104-3
Softcover, $16.95
New England Days
photographs by Paul Caponigro
ISBN 1-56792-216-3
Hardcover, $35
Unbroken Circles
The Campground of Martha's Vineyard
by Betsy Corsiglia
ISBN 1-56792-121-3
Hardcover, $35
A SALE ITEM ~ Book of Cape Cod Houses
by Doris Doane
ISBN 1-56792-113-2
Softcover, $10
SALE ITEM ~ Journeys to the Outer Edges of Cape Cod
by Robert Finch
ISBN 0-87923-742-2
Softcover, $8
Ingenious Contrivances, Curiously Carved
Scrimshaw in the New Bedford Whaling Museum
by Stuart M. Frank
ISBN 978-1-56792-452-7
Hardcover, $65
Great Camps of the Adirondacks
by Harvey Kaiser
ISBN 1-56792-073-x
Hardcover, $55
Sledding on Hospital Hill
by Leland Kinsey
ISBN 1-56792-224-4
Hardcover, $18.95