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Memorable and thought-provoking works of Jewish interest

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Badenheim 1939
by Aharon Appelfeld
ISBN 978-1-56792-391-9
Softcover, $14.95
An Admirable Woman
by Arthur A. Cohen
ISBN 0-87923-474-1
Hardcover, $14.95
  ISBN 0-87923-705-8
Softcover, $10.95
The Golden West
Hollywood Stories
by Daniel Fuchs
  ISBN 1-57423-205-3
Hardcover, $24.95
  ISBN 1-57423-209-6
Softcover, $16.95
Fables of a Jewish Aesop
Translated from the Fox Fables of Berechiah ha-Nakdan
edited by Moses Hadas
ISBN 1-56792-131-0
Softcover, $16.95
Charles Reznikoff
A Critical Essay
by Milton Hindus
  ISBN 0-87685-365-3
Softcover, $10.95
A Leak in the Heart
Tales from a Woman's Life
by Faye Moskowitz
ISBN 0-87923-659-0
Softcover, $12.95
  ISBN 0-87923-551-9
Hardcover, $13.95
Peace in the House
Tales from a Yiddish Kitchen
by Faye Moskowitz
ISBN 1-56792-219-8
Hardcover, $23.95
W, or the Memory of Childhood
by Georges Perec
ISBN 1-56792-158-2
Softcover, $17.95
SALE ITEM ~ Holocaust
by Charles Reznikoff
  ISBN 1-57423-208-8
Softcover, $15.95
Selected Letters of Charles Reznikoff
edited by Milton Hindus
  ISBN 1-57423-035-2
Hardcover, $30
  ISBN 1-57423-034-4
Softcover, $18.95