You’re the Detective!:

Twenty-Four Solve-Them-Yourself Picture Mysteries

With applause for Crime and Puzzlement 1 and 2 still ringing in his ears, Lawrence Treat has conjured up yet another devilishly delightful collection of picture mysteries — this time for young readers.

The clues are in the picture; it’s up to you, the young detective, to size up the situation and solve the mystery.

Who stole the jade horse from under Jenny Jackalanda’s nose? What did Cheri’s mysterious letter really say? Who took Minnie Rahrah’s diamond necklace? You find out!

Lawrence Treat was a prolific author of mystery novels and short stories and was the founder of the Mystery Writers of America. He began his professional career as a lawyer, but when his law firm broke down, he turned to writing. Besides his crime novels, he created what he referred to as crime mystery picture puzzle books, such as You’re the Detective and all three Crime and Puzzlement books!