The Poems of Charles Reznikoff:


Charles Reznikoff was born in Brooklyn, the son of Russian immigrants. He was an original, a blood-and-bone New Yorker who walked the city’s waterfronts and breathed the life of the Jewish tenements into a lifetime of remarkable poetry. Black Sparrow Books is proud to publish his complete shorter poems—all of his poetry except the book-length works Testimony and Holocaust—scrupulously edited, with notes, by Seamus Cooney.

[Reznikoff’s] Jewish street wisdom, his keen eye for the New York City detail, his appetite for the telling narrative arc, all of these gifts are to be treasured. . . He also gives poets an opportunity to write clearly and deeply about what they have seen and experienced by providing models for how to do it in poem after poem.
Bill Zavatsky, Poetry Foundation

Charles Reznikoff, the son of Russian garment workers, was a blood-and-bone New Yorker; a collector of images and stories who walked the city from Bronx to Battery and breathed the soul of the Jewish immigrant experience into a lifetime of poetry.

Seamus Cooney was born in Ireland and received his B.A at University College in Dublin,his M.A. at Indiana University, and his PhD at UC Berkeley. He has taught at Indiana, Loyola, and WMU. An accomplished editor and scholar of poetry, he has edited over twenty books and written dozens of articles and reviews.