The Bartlett Book of Garden Elements:

A Practical Compendium of Inspired Designs for the Working Gardener

Once the horticultural bones of a garden have been laid out, the next questions generally considered are the manmade objects that are required. There are any number of approaches, and the savvy gardener, after determining what designs would be best suited to the site and how additions should be positioned, wonders: “What are the options?” Whether it’s benches, bridges, or  birdhouses, paving stones, fountains, or gazebos, this book is the “go to” source to find the answers, the best of their kind, hundreds of examples, all illustrated in color, and representing solutions from around the world.

Here, in over 1000 photographs are the possibilities that can be considered. On every page are multiple images of what can be bought “off the shelf ” or reproduced by a master craftsman, structures and solutions displayed in every sort of position and environment.

Whatever the challenge, the Bartletts have seen it, solved it, or recorded the best that exists. In twenty chapters, they lay out possibilities from around the world, each chapter preceded by a lengthy essay on the history and evolution of the structure in question and the best way to approach the challenges of choice and location. For years to come and for gardeners worldwide, this will be the standard reference, an ambitious, comprehensive and colorful compendium of the very best garden ornaments and elements presently available.

A list of representative elements featured in the chapters of The Bartlett Book of Garden Elements:

Boot Scrapers
Paving Materials
Pools & Ponds
Sculpture &

Michael V. Bartlett, a landscape architect, designed gardens for embassies, commercial projects, and private homes. A fifth-generation landscape architect, he redesigned the gardens of the Moroccan, French, and Finnish embassies.

Rose L. Bartlett worked in partnership with Michael for twenty-eight years, complementing his garden designs with flowers, herbs, and edible plantings. She researched and organized the many slide lectures they presented on garden history and design throughout the world.