A Tally of Types

This landmark book, first published in 1953 in a private keepsake edition and later revised and expanded, remains an indispensable reference for students of book design. It presents Stanley Morison at his best: opinionated, eclectic, offering his characteristic blend of erudition and insight. Finally available again after many years, A Tally of Types discusses twenty different faces, many cut under Morison’s direct supervision, and most of them now translated into digital settings.

This is the real history behind the letters: who first cut them, how they were used (and should be used), and how the modern versions became accessible. Each essay is set in the typeface it discusses, making the book an exciting visual adventure as well as teaching of primary importance. An invaluable aid for modern practitioners and historians alike, this edition contains a new introduction by Mike Parker, former co-director of Typographic Development at the Mergenthaler Corporation.