Rocket Boy

What would you do if your doodles became real? If they rose right off the page, turning tangible, and through them you could fly to the moon, discover the deep sea, or visit remote jungles? In Rocket Boy, a bewitchingly wordless black-and-white picture book reminiscent of Harold and the Purple Crayon, one young child explores the boundless reaches of his imagination. Armed only with a pencil and a pad of paper, he transports himself into adventures where he meets new friends, visits unseen landscapes, and makes his way back home again to his own bed before dawn. Damon Lehrer’s visual narrative, a penciled mix of line work and detailed graphite drawings, materializes in the mind, making the use of words superfluous. Lehrer opens up a charming imaginary world to readers of all ages through this little boy who quite literally draws us in.

“The meticulously drafted pencil spreads recall the sorts of visual adventures found in Chris Van Allsburg’s books, and Lehrer’s self-referential story also salutes the power of drawing.”—Publishers Weekly

Damon Lehrer studied drawing and painting with Paul Rahilly and attended Boston University as a graduate student in painting. He has shown paintings at the Pepper Gallery in Boston and Peter Tatistcheff Gallery in New York, among others. He has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, Boston University, and The Art Institute of Boston. In 2010, he started the Boston Figurative Art Center to promote figurative art and artists in the area; it has since grown into an organization with hundreds of artists and amateur members.