Mary Azarian Greeting Cards

People still appreciate a good-looking greeting card on which to write personal messages. Here is a selection of images from A Farmer’s Alphabet, sure to delight that lunatic fringe that still believes that a handwritten note, on good paper and contained in a classy envelope, says something about the sender and is more welcomed, absorbed, and remembered than an e-mail. Twelve cards, containing six images per box, printed in two colors, selected from among our favorites: Apple, Dog, Farm, Jump, Neighbor, and (well, who could resist it?) Underwear.

  • 12 cards in a Clear-topped box set with matching envelopes

Mary Azarian grew up on a small farm in Virginia, where she had horses, rabbits and chickens. After graduating from Smith College, where she studied printmaking with Leonard Baskin, she married and moved to a farm in northern Vermont. There she taught for four years in one of the last one-room schoolhouses in the state. She has been a full-time printmaker since 1969. Her other books include The Tale of John Barleycorn, The Man Who Lived Alone, and the Caldecott Medal-winning Snowflake Bentley.