The Maine Reader:

The Down East Experience from 1614 to the Present

Here, in one large volume, is a book that captures the full sweep of Maine’s culture and history, from the first dazzled vision of the European explorers to the modern prose of Carolyn Chute and John McPhee. Thoughtfully edited, illustrated with photographs of documents, buildings, and personalities, this compendium brings to life a state that has always maintained its own character and independence.

All the great figures who were ever born in, have inhabited, or have written about Maine can be found in these pages, including (among many others) Longfellow, Thoreau, Jewett, Millay, Beston, and Gould. In addition, the editors have uncovered small unknown gems: the journal of a foot soldier marching with Benedict Arnold and the bawdy memoirs of a sea captain’s wife. Illustrated with over fifty splendid halftones, this collection—the most complete and entertaining selection of Down East writing yet assembled—will be indispensable reading for anyone who has ever succumbed to the charms of the Pine Tree State.

This title is now available as an eBook through Google Play.

Charles Shain was born in Pennsylvania and educated at Princeton University. He taught at Princeton, the Los Alamos Ranch School in New Mexico, Milton Academy, and Carleton College, and served as the president of Connecticut College from 1962 to 1974. After retiring in 1976, he moved to Georgetown, Maine with his wife and quickly fell in love with the place. He remained an active member of the community until his death in 2003.

Samuella Shain, known as “Brownie” to her friends, was married to Charles Shain for nineteen years. She was previously married to Stephen Etnier, a painter. Samuella Shain was an accomplished scholar specializing in maritime history.