The Library of Babel

Jorge Luis Borges’s famous 1941 meditation on language, alphabets, and the library that contains all knowledge is an allegory of our Universe. This edition is complemented and enhanced by the etching of the French artist, Erik Desmazières.

Erik Desmazières is widely considered one of the greatest printmakers alive today. Born in Rabat, Morocco, he emigrated to Paris in his youth. After graduating with a degree in political science from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, he studied printmaking at the Cours du Soir de la Ville de Paris, a pursuit to which he would soon decide to devote his life. Desmazières is a member of Académie des Beaux-Arts de l’Institut de France and the president of La Societe des Peintres Graveurs Francais.


Andrew Hurley is a prolific Spanish to English translator best known for his translations of Jose Luis Borges. He taught in the English department at the Universidad de Puerto Rico for over 30 years and was honored as Professor Emeritus in 2009. He has published over 30 book-length translations.