Crime and Puzzlement 3:

24 Solve-Them-Youself Picture Mysteries

Detected your way through Crime and Puzzlement 1 and Crime and Puzzlement 2? Solved all the heinous crimes of You’re the Detective? Well then it’s time you matched your sleuthing skills against Julius Quackery, amateur detective extraordinaire, as he tries to find out: Who beaned poor Kippy Betcher, ex-jockey, and sent him on his final ride? Wealthy Robert Pickle has disappeared overboard — suicide or murder? The police hold a photograph of the murderer on the way to his crime — but who or what is in the picture? Read the story. Ponder the picture. Seize the pencil in fist and solve it yourself! In this devilish anthology you’ll find more delightfully murderous suspense from the blood-red pen of the criminally successful Lawrence Treat. Granny Scratch shares a mushroom stew dinner with her son Casper and wife Hecuba. Four days later Granny’s dying of mushroom poisoning but her hated heirs are healthy. Granny wants to know how she was killed before she dies! Study the picture and the text, answer the questions, and then solve the mystery… Still stumped, gumshoe? (Answers are in the back of the book.) Happy sleuthing!

Lawrence Treat was a prolific author of mystery novels and short stories and was the founder of the Mystery Writers of America. He began his professional career as a lawyer, but when his law firm broke down, he turned to writing. Besides his crime novels, he created what he referred to as crime mystery picture puzzle books, such as You’re the Detective and all three Crime and Puzzlement books!

Paul Karasik studied art at the Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts under luminaries including Will Eisner and Harvey Kurtzman. Soon after graduating, Karasik became the associate editor of the groundbreaking comics anthology Raw, a position that allowed him to meet and collaborate with the brightest minds in alternative comics. In addition to illustrating and/or editing some dozens of works, Karasik has taught art and design at institutions including the Rhode Island School of Design, the School of Visual Arts, and Packer Collegiate Institute.