Calligraphic Flourishing:

A New Approach to an Ancient Art

Flourishing covers the subject from A to Z. After a detailed discussion of the dynamics of moving the tool (including the broad edged pen, pointed pen, and brush), it proceeds to develop an alphabet of strokes used to build and analyze flourishes. A complete chapter on the design principles used to evaluate flourishes is followed by the application of the technique to different situations and to the basic calligraphic scripts. Special attention is paid to Italic and Gothic scripts, with the material on Fraktur leading to a detailed study of the cadel flourish. Numerous examples by leading artists are also included. This book is a “must” for beginner and intermediate students, and will also serve as an excellent reference book for the professional scribe.

Bill Hildebrandt devoted his life to the art of calligraphy. In addition to producing beautiful examples of his own work, he taught eager students in his Simsbury, Connecticut studio from 1977 to the 2000s. Through his life, he was very interested in printing and for many years he operated the Cellar Press that housed his collection of antique type and presses where he published many articles, books, and keepsakes. His book, Calligraphic Flourishing, remains one of the the foremost texts on the art of the all-important but oft-overlooked calligraphic element.