The Boston Trustee:

The Lives, Laws, and Legacy of a Vital Institution

The Boston Trustee provides both the background and the history of a unique Boston institution: the men and women who serve as individual professional trustees, who control billions of dollars of assets, who have provided advice and counsel for generations of families, and who are universally known as “Boston Trustees.” This quiet and discrete legal service had its roots in the early nineteenth century, when Boston’s closely interconnected social and cultural élite faced the problem of how to pass on massive new wealth in a predictable, safe, and prudent way. Today, the practice remains alive and well, a major, and very profitable, component of almost every Boston law firm, bank and trust office.

In this thorough and surprisingly readable account of how the profession evolved as a uniquely Bostonian institution, the authors guide the reader through case law and the economic and social history that defined and refined the practice. Much of Boston’s wealth was channeled through the quietly effective counselors who have stood at the confluence of wealth and social standing in Boston for two hundred years. To understand them is in large part to understand what makes Boston and the Boston Brahmins exceptional. Identifying personal service as the “special sauce” that separates the Boston Trustees from their corporate cousins, the authors present this story not as a dry legal brief, but as living history, giving answers to the question of how and why the practice grew and prospered uniquely in Boston. The book also answers questions many must have whose inheritances have been governed by trust law and by trustee participation. The authors guide the reader through the legal jargon to help understand trusts and the role of the trustee with actual examples of trusts and trust language. It is, in short, essential reading for anyone interested both in understanding trusts and in the evolution of Boston as a financial and regional hub, as well as a city that, as one historian observed, not only knew how to make money but also how to spend it.

Impressively informed and informative, The Boston Trustee: The Lives, Laws, and Legacy of a Vital Institution is exceptionally well written, organized and presented. Very highly recommended for both community and academic library Financial Studies reference collections in general, and ‘Trusts & Trustee’ supplemental studies reading lists in particular, “The Boston Trustee” is commended to the attention of academia and fully accessible for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the subject. —The Midwest Book Review

Interesting and fact-filled…throughout the book are some very interesting side stories and anecdotes of members elite Bostonian society and the role of the Boston trustee…Bator and Seely have done a fine job. —Lawyer’s Weekly

Thomas E. Bator is a managing partner of Nichols & Pratt, LLP, is a Boston Trustee and a trusts and estates lawyer. A graduate of Harvard College and the University of Chicago Law School, he is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel.

Heidi A. Seely is a trusts and estates lawyer and an associate in the Boston law firm of Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster. Admitted to practice law in Massachusetts and California, she is active in the Estate Planning Section of the Boston Bar Association.