Animals Spell Love

Expressions of love have occurred throughout the ages in innumerable varieties. Sonnets, soliloquies, songs; ‘countless ways’ is the true answer to Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s question How do I love thee? Often, the simplest answer is best, use the word itself: Love. In Animals Spell Love, gorgeously written and designed by David Cundy, sixteen critters from the farthest reaches of the animal kingdom help readers of all ages learn how to express the word in sixteen languages from around the globe, from Czech to Amharic to Korean, and even including American Sign Language. Children and adults will delight in the way Cundy shapes the letters into animals, and his brief primers, complete with pronunciation guide for every incarnation, will help readers more fully appreciate, indulge in, and understand the languages of love.

An impressive demonstration of text as art.
Publishers Weekly

This may perhaps be the very best book for Valentine’s Day. A book to be shared by adults with children, gorgeous graphic designs explain the meaning of love from sixteen different languages from around the world, showing there are indeed “countless ways” to show and feel love.
Katherine Nevins, Concord Monitor

Unique and special, “Animals Spell Love” is very highly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for young readers.
Midwest Book Review

A beautiful children’s book that gives new meaning to the phrase ‘love letters.’ Animals, alphabets, languages and cultures come together to weave a story about love and its many forms and meanings.
—Beaverdale Books

David Cundy wrote his debut children’s book, Animals Spell Love, following his long career in the graphic arts. David has designed type at Linotype in New York and with the renowned type designer Matthew Carter in London. His graphic design firm, Design Trust, has created graphics for many organizations, including the Brooklyn Museum, Columbia University, and the Parsons School of Design. David has served on the board of directors of the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts and has taught in Yale’s graduate graphic design program.