Millicent Dillon

Millicent Dillon is the author of A Little Original Sin: The Life and Work of Jane Bowles.  Upon receiving a degree in physics from Hunter College in 1944, she held a series of technical-scientific positions. She worked as a junior physicist on a government project at Princeton University from 1944-45. In 1946, she worked as a technical assistant for Standard Oil Company, and she again served as an assistant physicist on a government project at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, during the following year. From 1947-48, she served as a staff writer for the Association of Scientists for Atomic Education in New York and then worked as a physicist at Northrup Aircraft. From 1949-52, she worked as a caseworker for a social welfare program in Hawthorne, California. At the age of 40, Dillon enrolled in the creative writing program at San Francisco State University. After receiving a master’s degree in 1966, she taught creative writing as a professor of English at Foothill College in Los Altos, California, for five years. From 1974 to 1983 she was an academic writer for the Stanford University News and Publications office. Since 1983 Dillon has been a freelance writer in fiction, biography, and drama.

Dillon is best known for her works concerning writers Jane and Paul Bowles. Among these are a biography A Little Original Sin: The Life and Works of Jane Bowles (1981); a collection of letters, Out in the World: Selected Letters of Jane Bowles 1935-1970 (1985); and a biography You Are Not I: A Portrait of Paul Bowles (1998). She also edited The Viking Portable Paul and Jane Bowles (1994). Her other works include Baby Perpetua and Other Stories (short stories, 1971); The One in the Back is Medea, (novel, 1973); After Egypt: Isadora Duncan and Mary Cassatt (biography, 1990);The Dance of the Mothers (novel, 1991); Harry Gold (novel, 2000); four plays; and additional short stories, essays, and reviews in numerous publications. She is the recipient of a number of honors and awards, including five O. Henry awards in fiction. She also received a Guggenheim Fellowship. Additional information about Millicent Dillon may be found in Contemporary Authors New Revision Series (Gale Research Company, 1984).