Edward Sanders

American, 1939-

Ed Sanders is one of the remaining bastions of both the Beat and Hippie generations. He started his Beat life in earnest at the age of 19, when he hitchhiked from his hometown in Missouri to Manhattan to attend New York University. In New York, he became involved in the burgeoning radical counterculture in the bohemian den that Greenwich Village once was. He wrote his first poem on jail-cell toilet paper after being arrested for protesting the launch of nuclear submarines in 1961. Political protest remains an intrinsic part of his poetic vision to this day. In 1976, Sanders founded Investigative Poetry, a movement that seeks to explore and criticize politics and current events through poetry. The principles of this movement appear most prominently in his History in Verse series.


Sanders lives in Woodstock, New York, where he publishes the online Woodstock Journal with his wife Miriam R. Sanders. He also invents musical instruments, including the Talking Tie, the microtonal Microlyre, and the Lisa Lyre, a musical contraption involving light-activated switches and a reproduction of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.