Ann Turner

Ann Turner was born just after World War II in Northampton, Massachusetts, and grew up in what was called a “print-rich” atmosphere, surrounded by books. Her father ran his own printing shop, and her mother was an artist with a taste for the unusual. From her mother, she learned to see the beauty in weeds, wandering roads, and bare winter trees. From her father, she learned to love the smell of paper and ink, books, and the magic of words. Ann attended Bates College in Maine in the 1960s and learned how to form an essay, and how to select telling details. A year spent studying abroad in Oxford, England fed her love of literature. She received her M.A. in teaching at the University of Massachusetts and taught high school English for a year, although she soon found that she preferred to write books rather than teach them.

Her first book is nonfiction, on vultures, a subject suggested by her mother, and illustrated by her as well. Since then she’s written well over forty books, many of them historical picture books, as well as historical novels, poetry, and YA poetry.

Ann Turner lives with her husband in a house partly built in the hills of Western Massachusetts.