The Buzz About Gardening

With Spring finally coming into full bloom, we figured it was high time to dig into C.L Fornari’s Sand & Soil: Creating Beautiful Gardens on Cape Cod and the Islands, one of Godine’s most recent releases. In this work, Fornari blazes a trail for both new and experienced gardeners by offering her wise advice on how to grow Massachusetts’ newest gardening craze: cannabis. Here’s an insightful excerpt that focuses on just that. – Rachel Jensen

“CANNABIS (C. indica, C. sativa and hybrids) Annual. It is now legal for a resident in Massachusetts to grow six cannabis plants for his or her own use, provided those plants are out of sight and secure from the public. Grow this herb in very large containers (over 24” in diameter) or in the ground in full sun.  Cannabis is triggered into flowering by equal hours of day and night, so outdoors it will begin to create buds in late August. Grow organically in well-drained soil, pinching the tips off of the young branches through mid-July to make bushier plants with more buds.  Use synthetic fertilizers from the middle of summer on since organics to take at least six weeks to become available to plants.  Stop all applications of fertilizer at the end of August.  Remember that first and foremost, this is a plant and the normal advice about growing plants applies. Unfortunately, there is far too much bad information and unnecessary product-driven advice on the Internet about growing this herb. Relax and remember how Mother Nature grows her plants, and you’ll be fine with this one.”