Remembering the Rev. F Washington Jarvis

Many outlets have come together to celebrate the life and teachings of The Rev. F Washington Jarvis III, author of “With Love and Prayers: a Headmaster Speaks to the New Generation,” who passed on October 7th.

The relationship that Godine shared with the former headmaster is one we will cherish forever. We were so privileged to have Rev. Jarvis as one of our authors, and our prayers go out to his family and friends at this time.

“The Rev. Jarvis “created the Roxbury Latin we have today,’ said Dennis Kanin, a former president of school’s Board of Trustees and a principal at the New Boston Ventures residential real estate development firm. ‘Under him, the guiding philosophy became ‘every boy is known and loved,’ and he meant that.'”— The Boston Globe

“Even with the breadth and depth of professional expertise that Tony could share with his ELM students, he was at heart a leader with a clear, straightforward message. “Father Jarvis taught me that the most important quality of a good schoolmaster is to know and love my students,” recalls Win Bassett ‘15, an English teacher at Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville.” —Berkeley Divinity School

Reverend F. Washington Jarvis, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, came to Boston to complete his undergraduate degree at Harvard. After earning a master’s degree at the University of Cambridge, he returned to Boston to teach at the Roxbury Latin School, the oldest school in America. He later became headmaster of the school, a position he held for over thirty years.

After retiring as headmaster in 2004, Jarvis served as a chaplain at Eton College and as a scholar-in-residence at schools in Australia. In addition, he served terms as president of both the Headmasters’ Association of the U.S. and the Country Day School Headmasters’ Association. He taught at Yale, where he was the Director of the Educational Leadership and Ministry Program at the Berkeley Divinity School.