The Sewanee Review Comments on Andre Dubus

“The Migrations of Love: Reconsidering Andre Dubus” by Walt Evans thoroughly appreciates the craft and life of Dubus in The Sewanee Review earlier this month.

Evans brings to life the importance of Dubus’s work, in both literary and societal terms. The well-crafted, powerful short stories focus on those “who’ve made big mistakes,” in the words of Evans, but allow us to reflect on what it means to have and deal with rawly human emotions.

“Dubus’s stories, collected in these two remarkable and important volumes—with a third, The Cross-Country Runner, coming this month—serve as a beautiful model of romantic mistakes once made, a barometer of how far we have or have not come in relations between men and women together. Several storms may have passed since they were written, but more are sure to come.”

Check out the rest of the review at and be on the look out for Andre Dubus’s The Cross Country Runner,” the third volume of short stories coming out Oct. 18th!